1250P Research Plot Harvester

Intended Use

The 1250P Research Plot Harvester is used to harvest test plots of corn silage, sorghum, alfalfa, grass, switchgrass, or other forages and/or biomass crops.  The unit can also be used with an NIR sensor to gather moisture, starch content, protein, other constituents, along with weight, sample weight, and location settings on a tablet PC in the cab.  A second seat in the operator station allows for an operator to collect samples in the cab.


Function of Unit

Crop from the harvesting components enters the upper hopper while harvesting.  Once the plot material is weighed, the upper hopper drops the material into the lower portion of the unit.  The operator gathers a sub-sample from an elevator in the cab.  The crop is simultaneously fed into a blower system and delivered through a secondary spout to a wagon or can be spread on the ground.  The system is controlled by the RCI PlotPro Software System.


Product Highlights

  • Power unit features the John Deere 6068 Engine at 250 hp.
  • Hydrostatic ground drive system with high torque loads for pulling of collection wagons.
  • Easy-to-clean cooling package.
  • Reversible fan at engine for reduced service.
  • Easily accessible service points.
  • Interchangeability with different John Deere headers for different applications.
  • John Deere cutting unit for reliability and ease of service through any John Deere dealer.
  • Unit can be towed on a gooseneck behind a properly-sized pickup truck for quick transport from field to field.
  • Unit includes an upper hopper, lower hopper, sampling device, and operator station for efficient collection of data.
  • The harvesting unit can be fitted with a windrow pickup or chain header for various crops and conditions.
  • Fast cycle times for improved performance over conventional methods.
  • The tablet PC is removable from the machine for use in off-season data gathering.
  • An optional GPS tracking system is available for the unit.
  • A rear-facing camera system is included with the unit.


Important Information

  • Upper hopper capacity is approximately 30 cu. feet or 500 lbs of material (~85% moisture).
  • Sampling system sample volume is approximately 2-10 lbs of material (adjustable).
  • Kernel Processor is included for resizing of crop before sampling.
  • Other machine variations are available on request


Ordering Information

The following is available directly from RCI Engineering:

  • RC099001 – 1250P Research Plot Harvester


Reference Documents

1250P Research Plot Harvester Marketing Bulletin

1250P Research Plot Harvester Brochure

RCI 1250P Presentation


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