186M Windrow Merger

The 186M Windrow Merger from RCI Engineering is a simple, cost-effective solution to merging windrows together while minimizing dirt and foreign material in the windrow as can be experienced in raking operations.

This product is discontinued, but you can typically find these machines on tractorhouse.com.

Intended Use

For merging two or three windrows from up to 18′ wide cut widths into a single windrow.  The 186M can also function as a very effective windrow inverter for improved crop drying in some conditions.

 Product Highlights

  • Effective pickup width is 8’6” wide.
  • Tine bar assembly features six tine bars with center support.
  • Extension with 3 feet of length is standard equipment.
  • A bundle to increase the extension length to 5’ is available and recommended when tripling 16’ or 18’ cut widths to a windrow of less than 8’ wide.
  • If tripling windrows from a 16’ cut width and a final windrow width of under 9’ is needed, the standard extension is sufficient.
  • The longer extension option is recommended for all cut widths of greater than 16’.
  • Windguard is standard equipment.
  • Pickup and belts are driven hydraulically in series.
  • Gauge wheels are adjustable.
  • Conveyor extension shut-off valve is standard equipment such that the merger can be used with the extension in the transport position.
  • Can be used with virtually any 50+ hp tractor with a drawbar, self-contained oil cooler, and two remote hydraulic valves
  • Unit discharges at the right side with the extension in the raised or lowered position.
  • Reversible belt direction is standard equipment.

Product Limitations

  • The 186M is not recommended at this time for use with tractors without integrated oil coolers.
  • When used on a tractor with open-center hydraulics and no flow control from the tractor, a pair of plugs must be removed from the manifold to allow for flow control at the manifold.  Refer to the 186M Operator Manual for more information.
  • The maximum transport speed for the unit is 25 mph.  Additional safety lighting may need to be added if pulled behind any vehicle besides a tractor.  See local DOT regulations regarding lighting requirements for road transport when not using a tractor.

Product Specifications

Pickup Working Width 8′ 6”
Type Cam w/tine bar reel
Number of Cams 2
Number of Tine Bars 6 w/ center support
Wind Guard Yes
Pickup Drive Hydraulic
Stripper Guard Type Metal
Float System Spring
Belt Width, in. 35 1/4″
Lug Height, in. 3/4″
Lug Width, in. 32 1/2″
Extension Yes
Length 36″ Standard; 60” Optional
Extension Folding Hydraulic
Belt Drive Hydraulic
Tractor Hyd. Drive System Yes
GPM/PSI Required 12 / 2000
Hydraulic Remotes Needed 2
Tractor Size Minimum 50 hp
Dimensions & other Specifications
Base Weight, lbs 2,200 approx
Transport Width 10′ 11″
Transport Length 12′
Tire Size (Frame) 26 x 12 – 12
Gauge Wheel Size 18.5 x 8.5 – 8
Operating Speed 2 to 12 mph
Transport Speed Up to 25 mph
Merging Width Cuts Up to 18′ (with optional extension)

Ordering Information

Part Number Description Comments
RC130001 186M Merger, Base Unit
RC063481 Bundle, 2-Foot Extension Addition  Total of 5’ extension length

Where To Buy?

  • See your local John Deere Dealer for more information.
  • All RCI Implements and Attachments are sold through the John Deere Dealer Network.

Reference Documents

186M Merger Brochure

186M Merger Marketing Bulletin

Long Extension Bundle for 186M Merger

186M Operator Manual


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