30A Research Plot Sampler

Intended Use

The 30A Plot Harvester Sampler is used to harvest test plots of corn silage, sorghum, alfalfa, grass, switch grass, or other forages and/or biomass crops.  The unit can be attached to either a John Deere Pull-Type or Self-Propelled Forage Harvester.  The sampler can also be used with an NIR sensor to gather moisture, starch content, protein, other constituents, weight, sample weight, and location settings on a tablet PC in the cab of the power unit.


Function of Unit

Crop from the Forage Harvester enters the diffuser while harvesting.  The diffuser drops the material onto the weighing belt.  The operator gathers a sub-sample from the cross auger and places it on the scale for weighing.  Once weighed, the sub-sample is stored beneath the seat.  The PLC/Control Panel is located to the left of the operator.  A display is provided for the operator to note scale weight but is not directly used by the operator in the normal operation of the unit.


Product Highlights

  • Unit includes a diffuser, weight belt, sampling device, and operator station for efficient collection of data.
  • RCI can install the unit on nearly any John Deere Self-Propelled or Pull-Type Forage Harvester.
  • RCI can customize the unit for a variety of customer needs for data collection.
  • The harvesting unit can be fitted with a windrow pickup or chain header for various crops and conditions.
  • Unit is powered by a hydraulic power source from the base machine.
  • The tablet PC is removable from the machine for use in off-season data gathering.
  • An optional GPS tracking system is available for the unit.
  • An optional blower / spreader system is also available for the unit.
  • A rear-facing camera system is included with the unit.


Important Information

  • Weigh belt capacity is approximately 30 cu. feet or 500 lbs of material and has a belt for emptying.
  • Sampling system sample volume is approximately 2-10 lbs of material (wet basis).
  • Recutter screens are available to reduce particle size if desired.
  • A dump cart is available on request.
  • Other machine variations are available on request
  • Traction units can be supplied as new, used, or customer-supplied.
  • RCI can rebuild existing power units as needed.
  • RCI specializes in turn-key plot harvesters using new or rebuilt power units.


Ordering Information

The following part numbers are available from RCI Engineering:

  • RC080300 – 30A Plot Harvester Sampler

This product can be ordered direct from RCI Engineering.


Product Documentation

30A Research Plot Sampler Marketing Bulletin

30A Research Plot Sampler Brochure

30A Research Plot Sampler Operator Manual


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