Intended Use

The 812A is intended to be used to adapt John Deere C-Series, 40-Series, and 90-Series corn headers.  This adapter is intended for non-chopping and chopping headers of up to 12 rows in size.  (12-Row Chopping Heads are approved for use with the heavy-duty drive on the SPFH starting in 2017.)

Product Highlights

  • Mechanical Drive for reliable operation.
  • Dual gearboxes are used to power the headers in demanding conditions.
  • A cross drive shaft is standard equipment for dual drive headers.
  • Feeding drum allows for installation of replaceable paddles for long life.
  • Extra plates and plastic filler pieces are standard equipment so each adapter can be used with both standard and wide forage harvesters.
  • Filler plates provide for the lateral tilt of the forage harvester to operate normally.
  • Jack stands allow for the adapter to be removed independently or retained on the corn head on a trailer for transport.
  • No modifications of the corn head are needed for use on the forage harvester with the exception of older corn headers. Older corn headers need to be updated to use PTO driveshafts (Contour Master Style) to fit the adapter.  Contact your John Deere dealer for more information.
  • Adapter is compatible with the quick-attach system of the 8000-Series SPFH.
  • Adapter is compatible with all tire configurations and spacings of the 8000-Series SPFH.


8000-Series Highlights for Combine Headers

  • Electrical controls for the header operate for the electrical system of the corn head.
  • Hydraulic controls for the header operate for control of the header hydraulics.
  • Header speed control provides the operator a variable control for header speed for various conditions.
  • Quick-Attachment for drives and hydraulic/electrical connections provides for seamless transition from hay pickups and other traditional headers to combine headers and back.
  • The use of a recutter screen is not required for quality processing of crop for earlage. A special spiral band with cutting devices is recommended along with feedroll spacer plates and other components. Contact your local John Deere dealer for more information.


Model Year 2016 Improvements

The following improvements have been made on all adapters for MY2016.  An update kit is available through RCI for MY2015 machines.

  • Feeding drum is locked in a raised position from the factory for more throughput of the paddles.
    • The bolt retaining the unit in the raised position can be removed and the feeding drum allowed to float in light crop conditions if needed.
  • Seals are added to the side of the feedroll housing to improve the crop accumulation at the sides of the unit.
  • Springs are changed to be more adjustable and easily serviced or adjusted. Adjustment should typically not be necessary with the feeding drum in the raised position for most crop conditions.
  • A driveline shield stop is added at the gearbox for better retention of the PTO shield.
  • Shear bolt length has changed for improvement in installation.


Model Year 2017 Improvements

The following improvements have been made on all adapters for MY2017.  The additional parts are available through RCI parts channels for previous model years.

  • Shipping Stand added for improved handling.
  • Additional bundle for coupler kit to be added to the adapter to reach the hoses on headers that do not have long enough hoses to reach the coupler on the base machine. This is required for any North American folding headers.
  • The adapter is now compatible with North American John Deere folding headers.


Ordering Information

This product is available through your local John Deere Dealer.

RC071285     Adapter, 812A Combine Header*                 Order Through RCI

* All product features are now standard equipment except for the multi-coupler extension bundle.  Starting in 2016, this product fits standard and wide body machines and this product is shipped with Feeding Drum Bars installed.  Additional Deere parts are no longer needed, except if the quick-attach driveline option is used.


Reference Documents

812A Combine Header Adapter Marketing Bulletin

812A Combine Header Adapter Brochure

RCI 812A Operator Manual