8A Bumper Attachment – 7000/8000/9000 Series SPFH

Intended Use

The 8A is intended to be used to provide a bumper as well as ballast for the SPFH to allow for ease of installation of larger headers.  The weight rack section of the bumper can be removed and the bumper plate re-installed to provide protection for the back of the machine.


When using the weight rack, the factory weights are not needed on the 8000/9000 SPFH.  The bumper provides room for traditional tractor suitcase weights for all of the ballast needed.

Product Highlights

  • Overall package allows for more cost-effective ballast solution than factory weights and a custom-built bumper for each customer.
  • Modular design allows for removal of the weight rack and reinstallation of the bumper when using hay pickups.
    • Removing extra ballast reduces compaction in hay fields and increases yield.
    • Removing extra ballast improves fuel efficiency, especially in transport.
    • Removing extra ballast during harvesting improves harvest capacity when the engine is under full load.
  • Fork lift pockets and lift point locations are provided for ease of removal of weight rack and bumper with forks or lift chains for ease of reconfiguration when switching between hay pickups and corn heads.
  • Adjustable bumper height allows for ground clearance from approximately 12” to 21”, depending on tire options of the SPFH.
  • Tow bar mount at rear of unit for ease of connection of tow straps and/or chains.
  • A pintle hitch is optional for quick chain and strap attachment.  It is NOT INTENDED to be used for pulling trailers.
  • Multiple mounting locations for hitch plate of SPFH.  Important:  Always follow towing recommendations of the SPFH.  Refer to John Deere 8000-/9000-Series SPFH Operator Manual for more information.
  • Weight rack fits traditional John Deere tractor suitcase weights.
  • Clearance is provided for access to rear SCV and electrical connection of SPFH for auxiliary functions.

Ballasting Recommendations

IMPORTANT: Proper ballasting will keep efficiency of the four-wheel drive system and steering function when braking.

IMPORTANT: Always put the same amount of weight plates inside the left and right-hand weight carrier when using the Standard Weight Rack.  Refer to 8000/9000 Series SPFH Operator Manual for information regarding weight plate installation if a weight rack is not needed.

IMPORTANT: Do not overload rear tires, especially when the header is removed.

IMPORTANT: Special field conditions may require higher ballasting to keep the efficiency of the four-wheel-drive system and steering function.

Depending on machine/header type configurations, ballasting differs. To properly ballast the machine, ALWAYS refer to the relevant ballasting chart, then install the required amount of weight.

Specifications – Base Weight

RC125061       Bundle, Base                                              583 lbs (265 kg)

RC125070       Bundle, 7000-Series SPFH Base              525 lbs (238 kg)

RC125049       Rack, Standard Weight                             400 lbs (180 kg)

Combined Weight                                                              Approx. 985 lbs (445 kg)

Ordering Information

This product is available through your local John Deere Dealer.

RC125061       Bundle, 8000-/9000-Series SPFH Base             Qty 1

RC125070       Bundle, 7000-Series SPFH Base                        Qty 1

RC125049       Rack, Standard Weight (Optional)                    Qty 1

Estimated Installation Times

Base Bundle Installation                                                   1.5 hours

Weight Rack Initial Installation                                       1 hour

Field change between weight rack and bumper          0.5 hour

All times are dependent on use of appropriate tools and technician experience.  No modifications to the SPFH are required for the installation, only the removal of a few components at the rear mount plate.

Reference Documents

8A Bumper Attachment Marketing Bulletin

8A Bumper Attachment Brochure

8A Bumper Attachment Operator Manual


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