Aurora NIR

Intended Use

The Aurora NIR is a portable, handheld NIR Analyzer for Nutritionists, Veterinarians, Herdsmen and Livestock Professionals.  The device provides quick and accurate analysis of corn silage, alfalfa haylage, TMR, and other feedstuffs.


Product Highlights

  • Handheld device with convenient carry case
  • Features Bluetooth, USB, WiFi and Ethernet Connectivity
  • Apps available for wireless data transmission to your smartphone for ease of sending data
  • Standard calibrations included for basic feedstuffs.
  • TMR Box is included for proper analysis of TMR due to particle separation during handling.
  • Spare battery and charger is included.
  • Battery conditioner is included.
  • Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse are included for ease of use by those who prefer traditional input methods.
  • Unit is very easy to use and screen prompts direct proper operation.
  • Long battery life – up to 2 hours of use per battery
  • Quick exchangeable battery when battery expires
  • Reliable analytical results
  • Custom analytical reports and data storage
  • Low maintenance costs compared to other NIR devices


Product Limitations

  • Additional calibrations can be created for other feedstocks not listed.  Contact RCI for more information.
  • Unit may not be mounted on any harvesting machinery.  It is designed for handheld use only.
  • Unit is water resistant, but is not water proof.  It may not be submerged in liquid.

Where to Buy?


Reference Documents

RCI Aurora NIR Marketing Bulletin

RCI Aurora NIR Presentation

RCI Aurora NIR Brochure



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