Discontinued Products

The following are links to Operator Manuals for discontinued products.  These manuals contain spare parts information for the product.  For additional information regarding these products, please Contact RCI directly.

Windrow Merger Implement

170A Windrow Merger Operator Manual

186M Windrow Merger

John Deere Pull-Type Forage Harvester

96A Windrow Pickup Operator Manual

Tandems for Pull-Type Forage Harvester

John Deere Self-Propelled Forage Harvester

Lowered Spout Bundle Installation Instructions

Air Compressor for 7000 SPFH Installation Instructions

Air Compressor for 7050/7080 SPFH Operator Manual

Cutting Platform Adapter Bundle for 7000/7050/7080 SPFH Operator Manual

Draper Conversion Bundle for 7000 SPFH Installation Instructions

Draper Platform Adaptation Bundle for 7050 SPFH Operator Manual

Ultra-High Flow Wagon Dump for 7050/7080 SPFH Operator Manual

High-Capacity Hydraulic Tank Bundle for 7000/7050 SPFH Operator Manual

Recutter Screen Bundle for 8000 Series SPFH

812A Combine Header Adapter

John Deere Self-Propelled Windrower

Double Windrow Attachment Bundle for 4995 Operator Manual

Double Windrow Attachment Bundle – California Special – for 4995 Operator Manual

Windrow Merger Attachment for R450 Operator Manual

Transport Box for R450/A400/D450 Operator Manual

316M Merger Attachment for R450 and W200-Series Windrowers

John Deere MoCo

Endwise Transport Unit Installation Instructions

John Deere Round Baler

Tandem Axle Bundle Installation Instructions

John Deere Small Square Baler

Control Mounting Bracket Installation Instructions

John Deere HarvestLab Accessories

NIR Accessories

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