HarvestLab Accessories

Intended Use

The travel case provides for safe and efficient transport of the John Deere HarvestLab NIR Sensor and table-top device. The tamper provides for proper and uniform compaction of samples during sampling.

Product Highlights

  • Tamper can be disassembled and placed in travel case for transport.
  • Travel case features storage locations for the NIR sensor, table-top device, two glass bowls, tamper, and manuals.
  • Table-top device must be installed on the NIR sensor for proper storage in the travel case.
  • Travel case is approved for transport of NIR sensor to factory for service.
  • Travel case is an economical replacement for original box used for shipping and transporting the NIR sensor.
  • Travel case has inserts that can be installed when the table-top device is not packaged so that HarvestLab NIR sensor may still be transported in the case. These inserts are located at the bottom of the main compartment from the factory and must be removed prior to inserting the NIR sensor and table-top unit for proper transport. These inserts can be stored with the manuals in the side slot of the travel case.


If this travel case replaces the original NIR sensor packaging, cut the serial number tag from the original box and place in the manual storage compartment of the new case for future reference.

Ordering Information

This product is available through your local John Deere Dealer.

  • The RCI part number for the travel case is RC091001.
  • The RCI part number for the tamper is RC091002.

Product Documentation

HarvestLab Accessories Marketing Bulletin

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