The idea for a new company called RCI Engineering began in 2004.  The founder, Randy Clark, had been working as an Engineer for an OEM of forage harvesting equipment.  In this role, he had been traveling to various markets around the world and learned of a need for customization and engineeringfarm-facility.jpg support for various forage markets.  He developed a plan to build a facility on his family’s farm and begin operations in the town of LeRoy, Wisconsin.  Through the help of fiance and family, Randy left his position in early 2005 and began RCI operations.


The first few years laid the groundwork for years of growth and product offering.  A few employees helped build the company up, right on the farm, and they continue with the operation today.

mayvilleIn early 2008, RCI moved into a larger facility in the industrial park in nearby Mayville, Wisconsin.  This facility fostered continuous growth and a development of a culture centered on low-volume, specialized markets for hay, forage and biomass equipment.  It housed the development of some of the key products RCI offers today.  It was also where RCI began manufacturing products it had developed for other customers.

In 2015, RCI outgrew this facility and acquired a DCIM100MEDIADJI_0035.JPGnearby facility of 20,000 square feet.  The addition of much more engineering and manufacturing space filled the needs of a growing company.  This facility has room for years of growth in a supportive community that understands the importance of Agriculture and Manufacturing.


The underlying principles of RCI Engineering carry forward to this day.

Company Vision:

RCI Engineering delivers value in specialty harvesting equipment solutions for its customers.  RCI’s goal is to be recognized as:

  • A preferred provider for implements and attachments for hay and forage equipment.
  • A leading provider of plot harvesting equipment for hay, forage and biomass research.
  • An industry-leading team of talented professionals providing engineering services for other manufacturers of agricultural and off-road equipment.

Company Strategy:

To continue to grow in the areas of plot harvesters and hay and forage equipment solutions geared toward commercial operations that provide the end user improved efficiency and/or profitability.

Company Objectives:

  • To produce specialty agricultural equipment to the best of our ability.
  • To provide our customers with premier product support.
  • To continue to grow and pursue new products that will advance the hay, forage and biomass industry.
  • To run lean, so as to continue the momentum of product development through the low cycles of the agricultural industry.

Many people have asked over the years what “RCI” stands for.  RCI represents Rapid Continuous Improvement, but also shares the initials of the founder, Randy Clark (Industries).  The name RCI was proposed by a family member as a flexible name that could follow the direction the company would lead over time.  Engineering was added to the proposed name as a reminder that all good products start in Engineering.  The Engineering must be done right for the product to succeed.  And if we take care of the product, the product will take care of us.

And so, RCI “Keeps Moving Forward” to achieve the company objectives and to “Make Better Forage – Faster!”

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