Recutter Screen for 8000-Series Self Propelled Forage Harvesters

Recutter Screen Installed

A recutter screen bundle is now available from RCI Engineering for the MY2019 and earlier 8000-Series John Deere Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters.  Contact your local John Deere Dealer for more information.

Intended Use

The RCI Recutter Screen is designed to allow for material resizing of earlage/snaplage and other forages, specifically for up to MY2019 8000-Series SPFH. This product is the only approved recutter screen bundle for the 8000-Series SPFH and does not impact the warranty of the base machine.

This product is not compatible with the 9000-Series SPFH.

This product is not compatible with MY2020 8000-Series SPFH and newer.

Product Highlights

  • Three standard screen sizes are available as follows:
    o 13 mm
    o 19 mm
    o Blank Screen
    o Other sizes may be introduced in the future based on customer demand.
  • This product was designed with direct input from John Deere Engineering to ensure a quality-fit of components for precise operation compared to other after-market screens.
  • Crop flow is optimized with a supplied bottom pan to ensure reliable operation.

Ordering Information

This product is available through your local John Deere Dealer.

Part Number           Description                                                             Comments

RC180045                 Bundle, Wide-Body Recutter Screen Base         * 8600-8800 SPFH

RC180048                 Bundle, Standard-Body Recutter Screen Base  * 8100-8500 SPFH

RC180084                Screen, 13mm Wide-Body Recutter                     8600-8800 SPFH

RC180085                 Screen, 19mm Wide-Body Recutter                     8600-8800 SPFH

RC180082                 Screen, Blank Wide-Body Recutter                      8600-8800 SPFH

RC180101                  Screen, 13mm Standard-Body Recutter              8100-8500 SPFH

RC180102                 Screen, 19mm Standard-Body Recutter              8100-8500 SPFH

RC180083                 Screen, Blank Standard-Body Recutter               8100-8500 SPFH

* When ordering for a machine, select the appropriate bundle and desired screen size.

Estimated Installation Times

Approximately 6 hours of setup time is required for initial installation. All times are estimations and dependent on technician experience and machine condition. Setup times are subject to change based on feedback from dealers. Please contact RCI after installation with feedback sheet provided at the back of the Operator Manual.

Approximately 2 hours of technician time is required to change out the recutter screen for a blank screen.

Approximately 3 hours of technician time is required to change out the recutter screen for original parts. The cutterhead does not need to be removed to revert back to original components. See the Service Section of the Recutter Screen Operator Manual for more information.

Reference Documents

RCI 8000 SPFH Recutter Screen Marketing Bulletin

RCI 8000 SPFH Recutter Screen Operator Manual

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