Tandem Axle Bundle – PTFH

Intended Use

Tandems provide for increased floatation, higher weight carrying capacity, and smoother performance for better header control during harvesting.


  • Only heavy-duty wheel spacers may be used with this bundle.
  • At least one 6” heavy-duty wheel spacer must be used on the RH side of all machines. Machines with Kernel Processors will need to replace the spacer with a 13″ spacer.
  • Tire spacing will be increased by approximately 4” on each side and can be partially corrected with wheel spacers and rim arrangements.
  • This bundle is not compatible with the 2 Row-Narrow Crop Harvesting unit (tires extend past end of outer row) but is compatible with all other John Deere and RCI row unit and hay pickup attachments.

Setup Time

Approximately 5 hour of installation and setup time is required due to additional frame reinforcements that need to be installed.

Ordering Information

Two bundles are available from RCI for Tandem Axles with the following specifications:

  • Bundle RC0284 is supplied with two (2) 31.5-15 Tires and Wheels.
  • Bundle RC0285 is supplied with two (2) 11L-14 Tires and Wheels.
  • Bundle RC004001 is for the RH Side Only and supplied with one (1) 31.5-15 Tire and Wheel.
  • Bundles without wheels and tires are available upon request.

Where To Buy?

  • See your local John Deere Deere Dealer for more information.
  • All RCI Implements and Attachments are sold through the John Deere Dealer Network.

Reference Documents

PTFH Tandem Axle Bundle Marketing Bulletin

PTFH Tandem Axle Bundle Installation Instructions


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