36A and 48A Research Plot Harvesters

Intended Use

The 36A / 48A Research Plot Harvester is used to harvest test plots of alfalfa, grass, switch grass, or other forages and/or biomass crops.  The harvesting units can be configured to use a Front Mower, Tractor, or Towable Power Unit.

Product Highlights

  • 36A and 48A Harvesting Units are interchangeable.  36A has a 36” wide cut.  48A has a 48” wide cut.
  • Mechanical drive system for efficiency of drives and service points
  • 26/30-Knife cutting flail for clean, fine cut, 36” or 48” cut width
  • Overall width of 48” for 36A configuration, 60” for 48A configuration (due to gauge wheels)
  • Re-cutter blower for particle size reduction
  • Options for bagging system or rear hopper, both with integrated scale system.
  • John Deere 1585 Terrain Cut Specifications
    • Optional Cab with a/c and heat
    • 48” overall width when configured by RCI
    • 37.4 Hp
    • Diesel Fuel Only
    • Additional Specifications


Important Information

  • Sample hopper system volume is approximately 15 cu. Ft. and has hydraulic door opening.
  • Larger Rear hopper system volume is approximately 42 cu. feet and has hydraulic door opening.
  • Bagging system sample volume is approximately 5 cu. Feet (optional)
  • Recutter reduces particle size drastically over competitive machines, resulting in less volume needed per plot
  • Other machine variations are available on request.  An alternative 48” wide unit is available
    but is not recommended for high volume crops due to horsepower and size.

Reference Documents

36A Research Plot Harvester Marketing Bulletin

36A / 48A Operator and Parts Manual

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