RCI PlotPro Software

Intended Use

PlotPro™ Software is used on Research Plot Equipment for the recording of field data during the harvesting process for hay, forage, and biomass crops.  PlotPro™ is compatible with John Deere HarvestLab and Zeiss Corona NIR (near infrared) Spectrometers.  This software is also compatible with map files from PRISM*.  Data can be exported in *.csv format for importing into many different systems.


Product Highlights

  • Software integrates control of John Deere and Zeiss NIR sensors to automatically download data and save it with the weight and optional GPS data for plots to an output file.
  • PlotPro™ allows for NIR use to gather up to 5 constituents in the field including, but not limited to, moisture, starch, NDF, ADF, protein and sugars.
  • Software is reconfigurable to allow for custom application of outputs for each specific machine.
  • Interface is easy to operate and allows for customization as desired.
  • Software works with RCI controller and scale unit to control all functions of sampler.
  • System can be installed on competitive units to allow for updates of older units and integration of NIR technology to existing machines.
  • Software is supported through annual support plans and regular updates.


Important Information

  • Each application for existing machines is typically a custom application.  Please contact RCI for more information if retrofitting to existing machines.
  • PlotPro ™ is only compatible with RCI controllers and is sold as part of a complete package with scale unit, controller, and other components.  The hardware can be used to replace existing hardware on competitive units.


RCI can integrate an NIR sensor to customer machines as a custom engineering project as needed.  Please Contact RCI directly for more information.


Product Documentation

RCI PlotPro Software Marketing Bulletin

RCI PlotPro Software Brochure

PlotPro Operator Manual