R1 Merger Attachment

The R1 Merger Attachment is available for the John Deere W200-Series (W235/W260/W200M/W235M/W235R/W260R) Self Propelled Windrowers (SPW) with 500R/R500 Rotary Platforms.

Intended Use

The R1 allows merging of windrows with SPW in front of a self-propelled forage harvester, or in conditions that do not require wide swaths for dry-down. The R1 can eliminate the need for raking or merging passes through the field.

Product Highlights

  • Merge two or three windrows into one.
    • Two windrows to be picked up by a 3.0m pickup or larger
    • Three windrows to be picked up by a 4.0m pickup or larger
  • Single windrows can be created as selected by the operator.
  • Control all merger functions using the keypads on the multi-function lever.
  • Attachment can be disabled on-the-go for normal center-dumping of the windrow.
  • Attachment raises to transport position with leading edge of the belt frame angled upward to clear incoming crop flow for center-dumping.
  • Belt speed is controlled from the multi-function lever and is adjustable to vary windrow placement and formation.
  • Attachment features a front conveyor behind the conditioner. This device gathers material dropping out of the crop stream and delivers it to the cross belt for reliable function in varying crop conditions.
  • The hydraulic drive system enables the belt to maintain speed as the engine load is increased and engine speed decreases.
  • Each belt features a v-groove for ease of belt tracking.
  • Windrowers arrive from the factory Merger-Ready. No welding is required.

Other Notes

    • This attachment only discharges to the right side of the machine when merging.
    • AutoTrac is recommended for efficient harvesting when combining three windrows into one.
    • The R1 Merger Attachment is not compatible with impeller conditioners. The attachment is compatible with all roll-type conditioners.
    • If automatic forming shield control is installed, remove the actuator from the left side (ladder side) and install the following parts from John Deere:
      • Z24696 Handle (1)
      • N105572 Snap Ring (1)
      • A49465 Bushing (1)
      • 24H1724 Washer (1)
      • 03M7209 Bolt (1)
    • Automatic forming shield control does not currently allow for independent forming shield control and therefore does not work with the merger attachment as each forming shield is required to be in a different position from the other.
    • It is advised to add a camera to the base machine to view the crop flow under the machine.  The camera can be mounted under the right-side storage box and can be displayed on a 2630 display or with a camera display screen mounted in the cab by the dealer.
    • This attachment is not recommended for the W200M in heavy crop conditions due to the horsepower requirements of the merger on the power unit.
    • The shipping skid the merger arrives on is returnable for full credit if desired.
    • The unit ships via flatbed from the factory in Mayville, Wisconsin.
    • Different bundles are needed for the different power units.  Refer to the Ordering Information below for more information.
    • It is extremely important to note the Model and Year of the windrower that the merger is being installed on when ordering.  RCI is not responsible for incorrectly ordered bundles.

Ordering Information

    • RC201035      Bundle, R1 Merger Attachment
    • RC201133      Bundle, W200 (Up to MY21) Completion
    • RC201198      Bundle, W200M and W235M (MY22+) Completion
    • RC201158      Bundle, W235R and W260R (MY22+) Completion
    • RC201285      Assembly, Shipping Pallet and Stands

Reference Documents

R1 Merger Marketing Bulletin

R1 Operator Manual