R1 Merger Attachment

The R1 Merger Attachment is available for the John Deere W200-Series (W235/W260) Self Propelled Windrowers (SPW) with 500R Rotary Platforms.

Intended Use

The R1 allows merging of windrows with SPW in front of a self-propelled forage harvester, or in conditions that do not require wide swaths for dry-down. The R1 can eliminate the need for raking or merging passes through the field.

Product Highlights

  • Merge two or three windrows into one.
    • Two windrows to be picked up by a 3.0 m pickup or larger.
    • Three windrows to be picked up by a 4.0 m wide pickup or larger.
  • Single windrows can be created as selected by the operator.
  • Control all merger functions using the keypads on the multi-function lever.
  • Attachment can be disabled on-the-go for normal center-dumping of the windrow.
  • Attachment raises to transport position with leading edge of the belt frame angled upward to clear incoming crop flow for center-dumping.
  • Belt speed is controlled from the multi-function lever and is adjustable to vary windrow placement and formation.
  • Attachment features a front conveyor behind the conditioner. This device gathers material dropping out of the crop stream, and delivers it to the cross belt for reliable function in varying crop conditions.
  • The hydraulic drive system enables the belt to maintain speed as the engine load is increased and engine speed decreases.
  • Each belt features a v-groove for ease of belt tracking.
  • Windrowers arrive from the factory Merger-Ready. No welding is required.

Improvements Over Previous Generation (316M)

  • Forming shields can be adjusted for proper windrow width when belly-dumping windrows.
  • Belt tensioning for both belts is greatly improved.
    • Both belts are tensioned in the same manner at a single point, one time during belt installation.
    • The belt tension is automatically maintained over time, eliminating the need for adjustment.
    • Consistent and proper belt tension improves belt reliability and tracking functionality.
  • New scrapers provide for cleaner tensioning rollers and trash ejection to allow for improved function in the harshest conditions.
  • Pivot mechanism and structure are simplified for ease of installation and less weight.
  • The belly-pan used under the frame on the previous generation has been eliminated with improved crop flow.
  • The original forming shields are used with new side sheets to allow for windrow width adjustment and ease of installation.
  • Improved pivot mechanism offers an additional degree of freedom for better protection of obstacles in the field such as borders, embankments, and obstructions.

Other Notes

  • This attachment only discharges to the right side of the machine when merging.
  • AutoTrac is recommended for efficient harvesting when combining three windrows into one.
  • The R1 Merger Attachment is not compatible with impeller conditioners. The attachment is compatible with all roll-type conditioners.
  • It is advised to add a camera to the base machine to view the crop flow under the machine.¬† The camera can be mounted under the right-side storage box and can be displayed on a 2630 display or with a camera display screen mounted in the cab by the dealer.
  • When comparing this unit to other brands of mergers and windrowers, keep in mind that the 500R Rotary Platform is 5.0 m (16 ft) of cut width and competitive units can be less than this in width.¬† Therefore, when placing three windrows into one, the end result is a slightly wider windrow requiring a larger pickup.

Ordering Information

  • RC201035 Bundle, R1 Merger Attachment

Reference Documents

R1 Merger Marketing Bulletin

R1 Merger Operator Manual

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